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We already know Paramapadam is the divine abode of Sriman Narayanan, NityAtmas and MuktAtmas are doing eternal kainkaryam to Him and that the ultimate goal of Jeevatma (i.e. BadhAtma) is to reach Paramapadam and do Nitya Kainkaryam to Him. Let us learn more about Paramapadam.

Paramapadam means supreme abode. It is the eternal abode of Sriman Narayanan and hence known as Nitya Vibhuti. It is also known by many names like Sri Vaikuntham, Paramadhama, Vishnu Lokam, Ayodhya, Aparajita, Divya Lokam etc. 

Paramapadam is the place of eternal bliss, unsurpassed glory and is of infinite magnitude. It cannot be seen or comprehended even by Brahma and other Devas. It is filled with countless unimaginably exquisite, eternal, unlimited, divine, manifold, variegated, radiant, beautiful, fragrant and wonderful things. 

Sriman Narayanan is beautiful, tender, sweet and youthful. He is radiant with knowledge, power, lordship, energy, splendor and countless virtues. He is adorned with countless unimaginably exquisite divine ornaments and weapons. His abode, Paramapadam, is appropriate to His glory.

Sriman Narayanan resides there with His Divya Mahishis (meaning consorts) - Sri Devi, Bhu Devi and Nila Devi who are also radiant, beautiful and full of all auspicious virtues.The Nityasoories (meaning NityAtmas) like Ananthan, Garudan and Vishwaksenar are always happily doing Kainkaryam to Him and His consorts. 

What is the proof of existence of Paramapadam?
Paramapadam and its glory has been mentioned by the Vedas, Puranas, PAncharatra, Rishis, Alwars and all our Acharyas. 

When can we go to Paramapadam?
We are in this Samsara (also called Leela Vibhuti) because of our Karmas. Once our Karmas (both Papam and Punyam) are over, we can go to Paramapadam.

What do we do when we go to Paramapadam?
We do Nitya Kainkaryam (meaning eternal service) to Sriman Narayanan.

Is Emperumaan totally happy in Parampadam?
NityAtmas, MuktAtmas and BadhAtmas are all His children. Emperumaan is happy to see the NityAtmas and MuktAtmas happily doing Kainkaryam. But He is sad to see us, the BadhAtmas, so immersed in this Samsara and spending our time in misery. He wants us to come out of this cycle of birth and death. He wants us to realize that our happiness lies in being with Him and doing Kainkaryam to Him. He wants all of us to come to Paramapadam.

Is there space in Paramapadam for all of us?
Yes. The earth, also known as Bhoo Lokam, is only of finite magnitude. We learnt just now that Paramapadam is of infinite magnitude. So all of us can be accomodated in Paramapadam.

Why cant Emperumaan simply take us all to Parampadam? Why put us in this Samsara?
Emperumaan can take us all to Paramapadam any time at His will. But there is only one condition - that all our Karma be lost. As long as Karmas exist, Jeevatma spends his time only in removing and gaining it. Paramapadam is no place for Karmas. So Jeevatma has to do away with Karmas here itself. And Emperumaan does everything that He can do to help us out of this Samsara.

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